Funky Clocks

My clock categories are all very similar to each other.  Funky clocks are different from unusual clocks due to the definition of what is funky.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines funky in three ways:  first it means odd or quaint in appearance or feeling ; the second definition is lacking style or taste; and the third definition is unconventionally stylish or  hip.  I am sure the creators of the clocks included in this category believe the clocks fall into the third definition.  They certainly would not like people saying the clocks lack style or taste.

My hope is to find interesting information about some of the Funky clocks being advertised on the internet like why the creator chose to make a funky clock, how the materials were found and who actually made the clock.  If you know of someone who created a funky clock, leave a comment with contact information and I will happily add their information to this site.

Below is an example of a clock described as Funky in a search of Google.  This image came from my personal collection of clocks.