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Fun with Alarm Clocks

Having fun with an alarm clock is not something most of us would think about doing.  The alarm clock is something we need to get us awake when we need to be some where at a specific time.  Have you ever thought about setting an alarm when there is no need to get out of… Read More »

Famous Clocks around the World-as tourist attractions

There are a number of famous clocks in the world that have become tourist attractions.  My intent with this article is not to create another list of famous clocks as there are a number of famous clock lists available if you search the internet. Famous Clocks because of where they are located. Every list of… Read More »

Railroad Pocket Watch by Le Jour

I do not have a large collection of pocket watches but I keep coming across interesting ones that I add to my small collection.  My most recent addition is a Railroad Watch by the Le Jour Watch Company.  I identify it as a railroad watch because it has an inscription on the case in French… Read More »

Finding the history of a clock

On small business Saturday, I acquired the clock on the right at a store that sold vintage items along with other items that the vendor hoped would become Christmas presents.  It is not the most impressive clock in my collection of clocks but there was something about the unusual shape of the clock that was… Read More »

Types of Clock Movements-Which should you collect

From the 1600s to the early 1900s, most clocks operated using a pendulum to move the parts within the clock and turn the hands on the clock face.  Pendulum movements began to be replaced by quartz movements in the 1930s.  The first quartz clock was developed as early as 1927 but the technology was not… Read More »

Anniversary Clocks-Beautiful and not new

What are Anniversary Clocks Anniversary clocks are also known as 400-day clocks or torsion spring clocks.  These clocks apparently became known as anniversary clocks because they can run for a year or more on one winding and are frequent gifts to commemorate special occasions like an anniversary.  The movement uses a torsion pendulum which is… Read More »

Telling time with the Sun-Using a Sundial

There are a number of ways to tell the time with the sun but the most common one for most of us is the use of a Sundial.  There are a number of factors that have to be taken into consideration if your Sundial is going to be close to the time you would see… Read More »

Clocks for teaching time to children

I do not remember learning to tell time but I am pretty sure my parents did not have clocks designed to help them teach time to their children.  I have not been able to find any information about when this type of clock was first introduced to the market place.  Today, you can find many… Read More »

Special Needs Clocks

When I decided to write an article on Special Needs Clocks, I was thinking in terms of people who had trouble seeing resulting in a need for clocks that spoke to them or had braille numbers on the face that could be touched to tell the time.  As I began inquiring about special needs clocks,… Read More »