Fun with Alarm Clocks

By | September 12, 2017

Having fun with an alarm clock is not something most of us would think about doing.  The alarm clock is something we need to get us awake when we need to be some where at a specific time.  Have you ever thought about setting an alarm when there is no need to get out of bed at a specific time just to be able to laugh at your spouse when they ask why the alarm is going off?

Definition of having fun.

Disney Alarm ClockWhen I think about having fun with an alarm clock, it is not doing something with an individual clock, it is collecting different kinds of alarm clocks.  There are some very unusual alarm clocks available if you spend some time browsing the internet or shopping at a store that sells alarm clocks.  Today there are a lot of alarm clocks that contain images that advertise a business or a place.  A perfect example is the Disney alarm clock to the right of this paragraph.  This clock happens to be a part of my personal collection.

Traditional Alarm Clocks

Typical Alarm ClockThe typical alarm clock has a function that allows us to set a time when the alarm will sound to wake us from sleep.  This is typically done with a third hand on the clock that points to the time we want to be awakened.  The example at the right happens to be an electric clock with a sweeping second hand but is an excellent example of the alarm clock you used to find in many homes.  These clocks are very functional but will never make you say “what a great clock”.

Fortunately, clock makers give us lots of choices when it comes to style.  Below on the left is an example of an alarm clock with roman numerals instead of the conventional numbers.  You can also find alarm clocks that were made to help you remember your pets.  The example on the right has the picture of a cat on the face of the clock.Alarm Clock with Roman NumralsAlarm Clock with Image



Digital Alarm Clocks

Typical Digital Alarm ClockThe advent of digital clocks has made changes to the approach of setting the time we wish to wake up.  With these clocks, we can chose to be awakened by an old fashioned alarm or with music.  Unfortunately, there is not a great deal of variety in the appearance of these clocks.  Searching the internet, I have yet to find any of these clocks with themes or clocks that commemorate a special event.  Aside from giving you a choice of an alarm or music, there is not a great deal of variety to allow us to have fun with this type of clock.

Smart Phone Alarm Clocks

Smart Phone Alarm ClockThe fact that most of us have smart phones that contain a clock function that can also be an alarm clock means we have another type of alarm clock to consider.  These clocks are like the digital clocks with very little difference in the appearance of the clocks.  Smart phones also give us access to on-line alarm clocks which also all tend to look alike.  The smart phone clock on the right is pretty typical as far as appearance is concerned.

The conclusion we have to reach is that if you want to have fun with alarm clocks, you have to concentrate on the traditional alarm clocks as that is where you will find the most variety and have an opportunity to find one that will look great in your home.  If you know of unusual alarm clocks, please comment below providing links to your unusual alarm clock.

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